Fee Schedule

The following list of fees reflects the Credit Union philosophy that members who use certain costly services should pay for them, rather than ask all members to share the cost. In this way, the entire membership of the LeRoy Federal Credit Union is served in the fairest way possible.

  • Note: Fees will never be assessed if they are the result of Credit Union error.
  • Download a PDF version.
  • Fees effective 01/01/2022


Description Fee
Membership fee $5.00
Youth Membership fee No charge
Inactive accounts (6 months less than $1,000) $7.00
Account closed within 90 days $5.00
Re-open account within 3 months of closing $25.00
Non-sufficient funds $35.00
Paid non-sufficient funds * $35.00
Non-sufficient funds on first party check $35.00
Automatic share draft transfer $5.00
Early withdrawal/closing of Club Account $5.00
Microfilm copy of a share draft $5.00
Stop payment $35.00
Protest (plus postage) $35.00
Domestic wire transfer $35.00
International wire transfer $55.00
Wire trace or return $60.00
* Payment of an overdraft is discretionary on the part of the credit union,and may disclaim any legal obligation of the credit union to pay any overdraft.


Description Fee
Completed loans not picked up, canceled or modified $30.00
Pre-approved loans not finalized $10.00


Description Fee
Notary service No charge
Telephone transfer $5.00
ATM card No charge
ATM card replacement $12.00
ATM—LFCU machine with LFCU card No charge
ATM activity: deposit No charge
ATM activity: point of sale No charge
ATM activity: 1 transaction per month per account No charge
ATM activity: 2 or more transactions per account $2.00
Mailed statement $3.00
Snapshot statement $2.00
Copy of previous statement $5.00
Copy of statement on a closed account $10.00
Fax: 1st page $3.00
Fax: 2–5 pages $1.00
Bank check $5.00
Money order $1.00
Account research (1 hour minimum) $15.00 per hour
Account verification $10.00
Photocopy $0.15
Failure to notify change of address $5.00
Legal action compliance (levy, retraint, etc.) $75.00